“Live Energy is like the Costco of commercial electricity. Helping businesses get the best rates since 2001.”

Get Competitive Quotes From All The Top Suppliers and Lock In The Guaranteed Lowest Commercial Electricity Rates For Your Business

(Without Dealing With A Bunch of Pushy Uninformed Sales People)

  • Competitive Bids From All Top Commercial Electricity Suppliers in a Simple to Read Proposal With Apples to Apples Comparisons.

  • Answered Questions and Objective Advice From a Friendly, Certified Energy Advisor.

  • Receive Custom Email Price Alerts So You Know Exactly When to Take Action.

  • Get Expert Market Analysis So You Can Make an Informed Decision Based on Current Trends.

  • Full Range of Demand Side Solutions Aimed at Reducing Consumption

  • Never Deal With Pushy Uninformed Sales People Again!

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Who Do We Think We Are?

Live Energy is independently owned and operated out of Fort Worth, Texas. Since the very beginning of energy deregulation, Live Energy has been actively involved in taking the guesswork out of the lowest commercial electricity rates.
With the launch of the Live Energy Portal, Live Energy completely revolutionized the industry, providing small to medium size businesses as well as commercial and industrial businesses with the most innovative and effective way to buy energy for their companies. Live Energy is dedicated to simplifying the energy buying process.

But Don't Take Our Word For It, Listen to Our Customers

What You MUST Know About Buying Electricity For Your Business in 2018

We’ve got friends on the inside. Seriously.

Backdoor access to all the best retail electricity providers in the country through a single point of contact is one of the greatest benefits we offer. No more dealing with low level sales people who lack the authority to negotiate. When you work with Live Energy you’ll get direct access to the internal pricing desks where deals get structured and prices are set. Make no mistake, the best pricing you will ever get comes from the pricing desk where we get custom quotes for your business that are not available to the general public.

We’re like competitive bid gathering ninjas.

Professionally executed competitive bidding orchestrated by a team of experts is crucial. We know exactly how the game is played and how to win on your behalf. Bringing all the top suppliers to the table to compete on a specified day and time is the only way to drive commercial electricity rates down to the bare bones. We’ve got this process down to a science and since we’re a well known, high volume broker, suppliers know we’re serious and know that they’ve got to give their best to win.

We make it super easy to make decisions.

We provide easy to read proposals that remove all the smoke and mirrors and give you an apples to apples comparison of all your options so you can easily make an informed decision. No hidden fees and no “gotchas” buried in fine print means no surprises when you get your bills.

Execute in seconds with digital signatures when the time is right.

After we’ve found the absolute best commercial electricity rates possible for you, and we’ve hammered the suppliers down as low as they can go, we’ll generate a digital contract that you can execute with a digital signature in seconds. Then you can get back to business and rest assured that we’ll be back in touch when it’s time to talk again.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

We’ll never talk down to you or over your head. We understand that most decision-makers are NOT energy experts because buying electricity is something you only do once every few years. We’ll take the time to answer all of your questions about suppliers, rates, contracts and market trends. We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly educate you on exactly what you need to know so that you can feel confident in your decision making.

We’ll make you look good!

We know our stuff and this ensures you CYA. Get expert market and rate analysis. Unlike most, we’re not just order takers! When we make a recommendation we back it up with the reasons why. We’ll explain exactly what’s going on in the market, what the current price trends are and why we believe certain options make the most sense. Sometime this means going short. Sometimes it means going long. No matter what, we’ll give you the honest truth so that your decisions are rooted in factual data.

We’ve got the only tool you’ll ever need and NOBODY ELSE DOES.

One of the most powerful tools that Live Energy provides its clients, is the Live Energy Portal.  After many years of development, we are excited to be the only firm that offers such a tool.  This tool gets as close to automatic energy management as possible.

Everyone wants to make smarter energy buying decisions.  In order to do that, you absolutely have to track commercial electricity rates all the time, because they can fluctuate by 100 percent throughout the year. The good news is that you can lock in your renewal rate up to 12 months before your current contract expires. WHEN you buy is the key to locking in savings. The Live Energy Portal is a powerful tool that ensures that you will NEVER miss an opportunity to lock in savings when the market dips.