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What Is Live Energy?

A privately held energy broker and consulting firm that’s been helping businesses of all size lower electricity costs since deregulation began. Our Certified Energy Advisors will educate you about the market, explain your options, and serve as an unbiased resource you can trust. Our proprietary technology is unlike anything else in the market, and has revolutionized the way businesses control electricity costs by enabling smarter decision in less time… LEARN MORE

Why We’re The Best!

Live Energy is a purpose driven energy broker that was founded on the principle that our services should be based solely on that which our clients have told us will make their lives easier. We understand the frustration of dealing with people who lack the knowledge and tools to do what they say they can do. When it comes to making well-timed electricity purchases for your business, nobody in the market offers a more powerful, yet easy to use solution. Whatever your current process is, we challenge you to take a look at how we are different… LEARN MORE

Who Needs Us?

Over 70% of businesses of all size utilize an energy broker or consultant. These smart businesses recognize the risk that deregulation brings, and that they lack the in house resources to make smart decisions. Effectively buying business electricity requires that you have experience, information, technology, and time. Unfortunately, most decision makers are lacking in one or all of these areas. Consider the following, and ask yourself how your internal resources measure up…

EXPERIENCE. As Certified Electricity Professionals, we understand how the markets work, we know all the Retail Electricity Providers, and we understand the various product structures. We have procured many thousands of electricity contracts, and are transacting everyday on behalf of our clients.

INFORMATION. Aggregating and analyzing market data is a full time job. We filter out the noise, and glean relevant, actionable intelligence so that our clients don’t have to. Generic information is useless. That’s why we only deliver the intelligence that’s relevant to your unique profile. Whether it’s supplier analysis, market monitoring, or regulatory oversight, we push the information you need, when you need to know.LEARN MORE

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