Are Higher Commercial Electricity Rates Inevitable?

Are Higher Commercial Electricity Rates Inevitable?

Rising costs for commercial electricity seems inevitable for Texans. In fact, in recent weeks the topic has become a common one for local and national news publications, and reporters are getting more and more frank about the message. Take the following excerpt from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram as an example:

For months now, ERCOT [the Electric Reliability Council of Texas] and the three-member, appointed PUC [the Public Utility Commission], have been sounding alarms that the supply of electricity will run short in the near future. There’s not enough generating capacity on hand, they’ve said, to meet the increased demand projected from continued growth in the state’s population and economy.

That should get everyone’s attention. No power for the air conditioning?

And then there’s this part about what the PUC and ERCOT are saying: The only way to get more power generating capacity up and running in time to meet that projected demand is for Texans to pay more for it.

The article goes on to paint the same picture you’ve read about previously on this very blog: in order to encourage generators to build in Texas, the PUC is considering regulatory changes that will make the wholesale energy market more profitable for them. Profitable at whose expense?


In fairness to the PUC and to ERCOT, there is, as the article from the Star-Telegram puts it, “a delicate balance to be struck.” Certainly, we need enough residential and commercial electricity to power all the homes and businesses in the state, even in the extreme heat of August when everyone has their air conditioner blasting on high. But if the cost of power takes a significant swing toward higher prices, that will impact the state’s economy, as well.

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The good news for business owners is that while you might not be able to do anything to stop prices from rising, there is something you can do to protect your company from the cost increase: seek out a commercial electricity contract now, before prices hit their peak, and lock in a lower rate for the next several years. Even if you are in a contract right now, you may be in a position to extend that contract based on today’s price, thereby avoiding the rate increases industry experts anticipate within just a few weeks.

In our conversations with our clients, we’ve been giving that very advice for a few months, now, because we’ve seen this trend on the horizon. The market appears to have hit its low for the time being and is now on the way back up, which makes this a good time to make your move.

Our team of consultants here at Live Energy know the demands of running a business are high. We know, too, that any opportunity you have to save money cannot be overlooked. Our job is to work with our clients to find the best possible commercial electricity plan for you, helping you to save time and money not just now but for the next 3-5 years. And you know what? We’re good at it. We have a client base of thousands of satisfied customers.

Don’t let the news of higher commercial electricity rates scare you, and don’t get left behind. Give Live Energy a call at (817) 810-7770. We’re ready to help you stay ahead of the curve.


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