Business Electricity Experts On Your Side

Business Electricity Experts On Your Side

Photo by Victor1558
Photo by Victor1558

There’s a reason why some business owners don’t contact a business electricity broker when it comes time to select their electricity rate. In short, it seems unnecessary. Anyone running a business has to make tough decisions every day, and most of them impact cost and/or profitability. Commercial electricity is just another facet of overhead, one they feel they can deal with on their own.

We understand how easy it is to come to that conclusion. On the surface, energy doesn’t appear to be that different from other rate-based buying decisions. Consider gasoline, for example. You probably know where to find the gas station with the lowest price near your home. Granted, you have options—different stations with different prices and different grades—but you make a choice each time you fill your car up.

Or what about your cell phone plan? You have to sort through the different telecomm providers, analyzing rates based on voice minutes and data, and ultimately selecting the plan and contract that works best for your usage. If your organization provides employees with cell phones, you may have done this not only for yourself, but your company as well.

As a result, some business owners come to the process of comparing electricity rates feeling very much like they’ve been there before. It’s some research, some side-by-side comparison and a choice. However, even with those basic similarities, selecting a business electricity rate is considerably more complex. When buying gas or picking a cell phone plan, you have only a few options to choose from, but when comparing electricity rates you have dozens different options. That’s right—dozens. Business electricity can be sold and contracted in a variety of ways. Finding the electricity provider, contract, rate, and term works best for you is a tall order.

This truly is one of those times when calling in an expert can benefit you greatly. At Live Energy, we pride ourselves on our ability to lower our clients’ costs by aggressively seeking out a commercial electricity plan that will fit them like a glove. Here are three reasons why we feel we can do that for you and your organization:

1. Experience. We’ve been working for more than a decade helping companies of all shapes and sizes trim their business electricity costs. Whether you own a single, stand-alone location or many locations spread across the country, we’ve worked with someone like you. We’ve proven ourselves capable of delivering on our promise to save our clients money hundreds of times, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you, too.

2. Technology. We use some of the best technology in our industry to track the commercial electricity market, keeping us well informed. For you, that translates to accurate, up-to-the-minute market information, assuring you that you won’t miss your best window of opportunity to save money.

3. Strategy. We know how to construct a complete business electricity plan that will lower your costs in the immediate future, and for years to come. Our experts will listen to your needs and goals, and then develop a comprehensive strategy specifically for your business.

Perhaps you’ve done the difficult work of comparing electricity rates on your own in the past. We encourage you to call our team at 888-341-9155 to find out how much easier the process can be with a team of experts on your side. We’re Live Energy. Our passion is helping our clients save time and money. Call us today to see how we can help you.


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