Changes in the Business Electricity Market

Changes in the Business Electricity Market

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The Texas Tribute published an article last Friday about the ongoing concern that Texas will not be able to meet the demand for residential and commercial electricity in the coming years. That article included the following sobering news:

Texas likes to be No. 1 at everything. But we are currently dead last when it comes to the reliability of our electrical system, according to a recent assessment by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, a group that keeps tabs on the country’s power situation, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

That means that California — yes, California — is less likely to experience systemwide blackouts this summer than Texas.

Before you begin to panic, it is well worth pointing out that the article also stated that “grid officials do not expect blackouts this summer, but the problem is not going away soon, because Texas is growing.” The good news is, of course, that by all predictions we’re okay for this summer. No dramatic heat wave like we experienced in 2011 is expected, and the plants currently online and operational are producing enough power to meet our commercial electricity demand for the time being. The bad news is that our demand is rising and we’ll soon need more generation or be faced with a difficult decision.

Texas basically has two choices: deal with higher power prices, and try to mitigate them with conservation, or risk facing occasional, controlled blackouts, like the one last year in the dead of winter — except that in the future, the blackouts would be more likely to come on the hottest summer afternoons.

As a business electricity customer, what does this mean for you? It means now, more than ever, you need to be paying attention to the commercial electricity market. It means you need a strategy for ensuring that your organization has the power it needs to operate. And it means you would be benefitted greatly by some expert-level guidance.

The business electricity market is always changing—that’s nothing new—but the current changes and predictions about the future make this an ideal time to consider partnering with an electric utilities broker, like Live Energy. We have a team of experienced, seasoned consultants on call and ready to help you analyze the current state of the market. For the last ten years, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners lower their commercial electricity costs by working with our clients to develop customized strategies based on each organization’s needs, budget, future plans, and more.

One thing is certain right now: the business electricity market in Texas is changing. More than likely, that change will include higher prices. This is an ideal time to turn to the experts at Live Energy to help you plan for those changes, keeping you ahead of the curve instead of playing catch-up.

To find out more about how the Live Energy team can help your business plan for the future, please contact us today at (817) 810-7770. We have the tools and the experience to help you plan for the future, whatever it may hold.


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