Commercial Electricity and Perspective

Commercial Electricity and Perspective

Commercial Electricity

It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

Take a look at the picture above, for example. At first glance, it appears that young woman is walking on water. She looks like she’s been caught mid-step, casually making her way across the surface of a fountain. You have to look closer to see that it’s actually an optical trick based on perspective. She’s walking on the opposite lip of the pool, not on the water’s surface.

But at first glance, it can be so misleading.

We find that the same is often true of commercial electricity. When you begin the process of comparing electricity rates, it can seem like a deceptively simple task. “It’s not rocket science,” you may think to yourself. “A lower rate is a better deal. Easy enough.” And that’s true; however, sorting through all the details of a business electricity contract to determine what your total costs will be is a mammoth task. It looks easy, but it’s not.

Dig deeper, and you’ll find your perception changes even more. It’s not just a matter of comparing basic rates. Commercial electricity can be contracted, priced and sold a variety of ways. Literally, dozens of ways. Finding a good business electricity rate isn’t just a matter of finding the lowest price—it’s a matter of finding the pricing model that works best for how your business operates, as well.

As the old analogy goes, comparing electricity rates is like pealing back the layers of an onion. As you delve deeper into the process, you’ll find that your perspective continues to change. It’s anything but simple, and the stakes are high. After all, a well planned commercial electricity strategy has the potential to save your organization thousands. It pays to pick carefully.

While the average person might be fooled at first glance by the picture above, an experienced photographer would see the image for what it is immediately. Similarly, while the job of sifting through electricity providers and business electricity rates might overwhelm the average person, the Live Energy team has the advantage of the kind of expert-level perspective that only comes with doing. We’ve been doing this for more than a decade, and that experience enables us to see things differently.

We know our clients are busy. You have a business to run. The process of selecting a commercial electricity rate can be time consuming and stressful, particularly if you’re committed to doing your due diligence to ensure the lowest possible rate. But there’s no reason for you to go at the task alone. By partnering with a Live Energy expert, you get the advantage of years of knowledge, industry experience and insider expertise. We can help you determine which options fit your business and which don’t. We’ll take into account your goals, preferences, future plans and limitations, and recommend a business electricity rate that lowers your costs, both now and in the future.

The end result for you is that you save both time and money. We’re Live Energy, and we’d like to share our experienced perspective with you. Call us today at 888-341-9155 to learn more about how we can help.


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