Commercial Electricity Savings

Commercial Electricity Savings

Suffice it to say, grumpy cat does not speak for all of us. Most business owners (like most people) are big fans of saving money. After all, every dollar you don’t spend on overhead is a dollar in your pocket. Saving money is good.

As we so often say here on the Live Energy blog, our goal is to save our clients both time and money. Of course, the natural follow-up questions is, “How do you do that?”

We’re so glad you asked.

We serve our clients as a commercial electricity broker. What that means, without all the impressive big words, is that we help our clients iron out their energy plans. We assist in the process of comparing electricity rates, exploring available options, reviewing contracts and selecting an electricity provider. How does that save you time and money?

Let’s start with time. Business electricity is a complex thing. While picking an energy plan for your home is fairly straightforward, there are dozens of commercial electricity options available to even a small business owner. Power can be priced and sold a variety of ways, to start. Beyond that, contracts can be based on a fixed price, or on a number of other factors, and it can be time consuming to determine which of these will result in the lowest commercial electricity rate. And, while residential rates change over time, they rarely move at the pace that commercial rates change. The difference of days or even hours can mean thousands of dollars saved. Or lost.

The team of experts here at Live Energy make it their top priority to know all the options available to you, whatever part of the country you’re in and whatever the size of your business. Our clients don’t have to do all that considerable legwork on their own. They have the benefit of our knowledge and experience. Neither do our clients have to spend their valuable time watching the market, trying to determine when to make their move. We’ll watch the market for you. When it’s time to act, we’ll let you know.

As for saving you money, we take a consultative approach with our clients. Instead of assuming we know what’s important to you and how your business operates, we choose to listen. When we compare electricity rates on your behalf, we do it with an understanding of your goals, limitations and concerns. Furthermore, we know the commercial electricity market. We’ve been following it for more than a decade and we’ve learned how to see the trends. That means we can tell you both what contract will fit and when to sign. Together, these two factors can significantly reduce your costs.

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, and there’s a reason why our clients come back to us time and again. We deliver on our promise to help them save time and money.

We’re Live Energy and we’re passionate about helping each of our clients develop the best possible commercial electricity strategy for their organization. Call us today at 888-341-9155 to find out how we can help you.


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