Commercial Electricity Superheroes

Commercial Electricity Superheroes

Choosing a commercial electricity provider is no small thing. If you work and do business in a deregulated state, you have literally dozens of options. There will be a few names you’re familiar with—the big companies who’ve been around for a while—and quite a few more names you’re less familiar with. As you begin to shop and compare electricity rates, it can become difficult to differentiate one from another.

In spite of that, a lot of business owners choose to make this decision on their own. We understand that, of course. You run a business. You make significant decisions every day without talking to a consultant. Your success is due largely to your ability to make tough calls. Why would you ask for help making this one?

In two words, time and money.

It takes a great deal of time to research all the available business electricity options. Each electricity provider will present their rates and contracts a little differently, and your options will vary with each provider you consider. Then, in the interest of due diligence, you have to match that information—each proposal you receive—up against the commercial electricity market to determine which is best. And if all of that weren’t time-consuming enough, you then have to wait. See, the market changes minute to minute. To get the best deal, you’ll likely have to choose the best time, and that may require you to stand on the sidelines and watch for a while.

This process can take anywhere from days to months. Why not delegate it to a group of experts who specialize in finding their clients the best possible business electricity rates so that you can focus on other things?

Which brings us to the second reason it’s wise to work with a broker: money. Commercial electricity is a significant expense for any business. You don’t want to pay more for your power than you have to. In fact, the potential for savings is huge in this area, but it hinges on finding the right electricity provider, the right rate, the right contract and the right timing.

Even Batman would have a hard time managing all of that while running Wayne Enterprises.

That’s where Live Energy comes in. We are a team of commercial electricity experts who have a proven track record of helping business owners save both time and money. We take a consultative approach, learning what we can about your business and your needs and then pairing that knowledge with 10 plus years of experience in the business electricity market. We can do all the legwork for you, comparing electricity rates and providers, and then present you with the best options. In the end, you pick—it’s your business, and your choice.

What we offer is a time-saving way to gather the important facts, so that you are in the know when you make your choice. Think of us as the supercomputer in the Batcave. There’s no reason for you to slug your way though this decision on your own when you have a superhero-class resource at your fingertips.

Give us a call today at 888-341-9155. The Live Energy team is ready to save you both time and money the next time you need to compare electricity rates.


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