DIY Business Electricity

DIY Business Electricity

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A brilliant short article published on The Var Guy, a corporate IT website featuring news and advice, tackles the issues (and potential problems) of a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to technology solutions for business owners. The post is entitled ‘DIY is for Bathrooms, Not Business Continuity”, and includes this little gem of professional wisdom:

If you’re a fan of home improvement shows, no doubt you’ve seen the nightmare scenario: A homeowner gets well into the demolition phase of a project and then discovers something unanticipated. It could be faulty wiring, a crumbling foundation, leaky plumbing — you name it. The project is now more complicated and costly. As you’re watching the episode, you’re probably thinking, “Glad that’s not me!”

Similarly with business continuity, there may be unforeseen issues that make DIY a poor choice for an SMB [small/medium business]. Fortunately, there’s a proven alternative to going it alone.

He goes on to site three specific considerations for small/medium sized business owners to consider before taking on their IT solutions on their own: cost, risk and time. Those same three factors should be carefully considered when planning out your business electricity strategy, and a electricity broker can help you deal with each of these more effectively.

When it comes to your commercial electricity account, cost is typically thought of as your rate. At the most basic level, that’s what commercial electricity cost is. However, there are so many options available to business owners that cost does not stop there. Power can be priced a number of different ways depending on your needs. A fixed rate may or may not be the best option for you, and there are typically other fees included in your bill. An electricity broker can help you sort through your options, landing on one that truly fits your business while avoiding unnecessary additional fees.

Risk is an entirely different animal. The business electricity market is volatile even in the best of times. Professional electricity brokers spend a great deal of time analyzing and tracking the market to help their clients mitigate risk. Attempting to navigate the market on your own can be tough, and one wrong move can be costly.

Finally, time is a significant factor, as well. Comparing one contract to another, managing relationships with multiple sales agents, interpreting industry jargon and giving each option its due consideration is a time consuming process. A business electricity broker can reduce the time commitment for you by providing you with a single, unbiased point of contact. Your broker agent can handle all the communication with each commercial REP (retail electricity provider) and present the available options to you in a way that makes sense, empowering you to make the best possible choice with the least number of hours invested.

There are a lot of power brokers out there you could choose from—how do you make that choice?

At Live Energy, we’ve been working with clients to help curb the cost, risk and time commitment of choosing a commercial electricity provider since the first day of deregulation. We have a proven track record of successfully partnering with literally thousands of businesses, and we’d like to partner with you. Our team of experts thrive on helping business owners make smart, cost effective choices. We are a business electricity brokerage firm you can rely on.

If you’d like to learn more about how Live Energy can help you lower the cost, risk and time commitment of developing a business electricity strategy, call us today at (817) 810-7770. DIY works for some things, but when it comes to your energy arrangements, there is a clear advantage to calling on the experts.


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