Do I really Need An Energy Broker?

Do I really Need An Energy Broker?

Do I need an energy broker?Over 70% of all organizations utilize an energy broker or consultant. These smart businesses recognize the risk that deregulation brings, and they lack the in-house resources to make smart decisions. Effectively buying electricity requires that you have experience, information, technology and time. Unfortunately, most decision makers are lacking in one or all of these areas. Consider the facts and ask yourself how your internal resources measure up.

Okay, so I’m convinced—I need an energy broker.

Now, convince me why Live Energy is the best.

Our Experience

Over the past decade, Live Energy has developed highly complex buying strategies for some of the largest consumers in the state of Texas as well as with hundreds of small-to-medium-sized organizations with more straightforward needs.  We understand how the markets work, we know all the Retail Electricity Providers, and we understand the various product structures. We have procured many thousands of electricity contracts and are transacting everyday on behalf of our clients.

In addition, Live Energy is a founding member of the Texas Electricity Professionals Association.  TEPA’s goal was to create a framework of ethical standards and a code of conduct that Aggregators, Brokers and Consultants were willing to voluntarily commit our companies to in an effort to maintain integrity and accountability in the marketplace.

Tailored Information

Aggregating and analyzing market data is a full time job. We filter out the noise and glean relevant, actionable intelligence so that our clients don’t have to.  We only deliver the intelligence that’s relevant to your unique profile. Whether its supplier analysis, market monitoring or regulatory oversight, we push the information you need, when you need to know.

Convenient Technology

Live Energy is literally in a class of its own when it comes to our proprietary technology. We track your account in real time and calculate renewal rates with every tick of the market so we can send automatic price alerts when your targets are hit. Access your profile, accounts, charts and analysis through the Live Energy Portal anytime or register for notifications via email.

Continuous Market Watch

With the highly volatile commercial electricity market, where timing is everything, there is opportunity to leverage volatility to your advantage. Our tracking tool provides a continuous watch over the market. No vacations, weekends or sleeping on the job, the Live Energy Portal is always keeping an eye out for our clients.

Long-Term Client Relationships

We consider our clients and their energy needs to be a long-term, ongoing project to continuously shop for the lowest electricity rates and relevant market information. Understanding that our clients’ role is to seek solutions specific to their organization’s needs, we help take on the responsibility by understanding their goals, proactively seeking solutions and providing resources to back decisions.

But don’t just take our word for it

We believe it’s our obligation to prove that we can do what we say we can. We’re so confident in our ability that we ask nothing of you to get started. We make all of our resources and access to our team of Certified Energy Advisors available to you on a complimentary basis. If you like what we do, and want to engage us, that’s great. If not, we guarantee that you’ll learn things that will help you, regardless. Contact a Live Energy Certified Electricity Advisor TOLL FREE at (877) 810-7770 to get business electricity rates now, ask questions and learn your options.


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