Don’t Pay Too Much for Your Business Electricity

Don’t Pay Too Much for Your Business Electricity

Photo by Gretchen Caserotti
Photo by Gretchen Caserotti

We see it all the time: business owners who have taken on the over-whelming task of comparing electricity rates on their own. All too often, they end up paying more for power than they should have been paying. In today’s business climate, that truly is scary. Your business simply can’t survive if you aren’t diligent about cutting costs when and where you can.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, though. Chances are, as a business owner, you make a lot of financial decisions for your organization. Most of them you make on your own. That’s a big part of what running a business is—making the tough decisions that steer the course for the entire organization. On the surface, choosing an electricity provider looks like any other decision. There’s some research to do, options to be weighed, and a choice to be made. Many business owners do it themselves.

And many end up over-paying.

Why? Because the commercial electricity market is a complex thing, and comparing electricity rates is more difficult than it initially appears. The energy market is always moving. The price of power changes every 15 minutes. That means timing is an important factor when it comes to your rate. In order to get a competitive, low rate, you need to have enough familiarity with the market to know when it’s bottomed out, and that kind of familiarity can take years to cultivate. Without a significant amount of experience, it’s extremely difficult to predict trends in the market.

Additionally, commercial electricity can be priced and sold a lot of different ways. Most business owners are aware that fixed rates are available, but that’s only one option. There are many, many more. Knowing what type of pricing structure fits your organization best can do a lot to lower your overall cost.

It also helps to have some experience with comparing electricity rates and electricity providers. Each retail electric provider (or REP) will present options a little differently. As a result, it can be hard to do an apples-to-apples comparison of your options. And even if you are able to read, analyze and accurately interpret each potential contract, that can be a time consuming process. You have a business to run. Each hour you spend pouring over contracts is an hour you can’t spend tending to your business.

Which is why many business owners opt to partner with an experienced business electricity broker, like Live Energy. We have more than 10 years experience in the energy market, and we utilize industry-leading software to track its every move. We can help you pinpoint the best time to contract, saving you precious dollars. We’re familiar with all the available options, as well. Our approach with our clients is consultative. We will listen to your needs, priorities and goals first. That enables us to help you find the type of rate that will fit your business best. And finally, we’re well versed in the art of analyzing commercial electricity contracts. We can do the heavy lifting of research and analysis for you, presenting you with the best available options so that you can make a well informed decision without investing weeks of time doing the research, yourself.

Hundreds of business owners have already discovered the benefits of working with the power-house team at Live Energy. Don’t over-pay for your business electricity. Call us today at 888-341-9155 and we’ll help you find a low rate that fits your organization perfectly.


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