How A Business Electricity Broker Can Save You Time And Money

How A Business Electricity Broker Can Save You Time And Money

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In recent weeks there has been an increasing amount of buzz in the media regarding electricity rates in Texas. With ERCOT (the Electric Reliability Council of Texas) and the PUC (Public Utility Commission) considering significant regulatory changes, the arrive of hurricane season (June-November), temperatures beginning to hit the triple digits and the looming possibility of higher commercial electricity rates as soon as this summer, newspapers and online publications are running story after story about energy. And, frankly, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even fearful with all the information currently flying around. It’s a lot to digest.

The natural question left on a lot of business owners’ minds is this: How do you sort through all of information and forecasts to develop a business electricity strategy for your organization that is cost effective and practical?

Like any other task, in business or in life, the most effective course of action includes using the right resources for the job. In this case, we strongly encourage you to consider partnering with a commercial electricity broker to manage your energy arrangements.

Working with a proven business electricity broker benefits you in two powerful ways: it saves you time, and it saves you money.

The commercial electricity market is complex. There are dozens of factors that impact the cost of energy, and a variety of ways energy can be purchased, priced and contracted. Just reading a standard commercial electricity contract can be a time consuming job, in and of itself. Trying to compare multiple contracts and sort out all the details so that you’re truly comparing apples to apples is no easy thing. But business electricity brokers understand these complexities and can help you navigate all the industry jargon and legalese, giving you a clear picture of your options. What’s more, a broker can also work with you to analyze how your organization uses power, taking into account the number of locations, the kinds of work done, seasonality, your cash flow and more. The end result is that you have the advantage of an expert’s insight in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to begin to process the same questions. That amounts to a huge time savings.

And the potential for financial savings is significant, as well. With all the energy products and contractual options available, finding the best fit for your business can make the difference of thousands of dollars. A well structured business electricity strategy, the kind of strategy a professional broker can help you develop, will impact your bottom line, putting money back into your organization’s pocket.

Finding a broker to work with is easy enough, in a sense. There are a lot of brokers out there. But finding a broker who has the tools, experience and personnel to give you top tier consultation is a taller order.

At Live Energy, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver for our clients. We’ve been in the deregulated commercial electricity market for 10 years, we use industry-leading, cutting-edge technology to analyze and track the market 24/7, and our staff is comprised of talented, customer-oriented experts ready to work with you to save you time and money. We are a brokerage firm that you can feel comfortable turning to as a proven resource.

To find out more about how Live Energy can help you develop a business electricity strategy that will save you time and money, please call us today at (817) 810-7770. Let us put our technology and experience to work for you.


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