How The Weather Can Shake Up Your Commercial Electricity Rate

How The Weather Can Shake Up Your Commercial Electricity Rate

Photo by Eamon Curry

On September 29, just after 11:00 pm, an odd thing happened in Irving, TX. There was an earthquake.

This particular earthquake was odd because we don’t get many of them in Texas, and when we do they are rarely significant enough to feel. But this one was a 3.4 magnitude quake–powerful enough to shake the walls of my home. It was followed 4 minutes later by a second quake registering 3.1. Neither incident did any real damage, though. As earthquakes go, those numbers are relatively small.

However, a small earthquake is still an earthquake. My wife and I, neither of whom had experienced an earthquake before, were alarmed by it. After all, we live in Texas. We get tornadoes and hurricanes, but not earthquakes. It was a new (and unsettling) experience.

The unexpected earthquakes illustrate the nature of weather–it’s unpredictable. Yes, the science of weather forecasting is more advanced today than it’s ever been, but there are still days when the weatherman says it will be bright and sunny outside and it rains. Weather is difficult to predict. It can sneak up on you, quite literally, and strike with little warning.

Sometimes, unexpected weather presents us with nothing more than a surprise and mild inconvenience. Sometimes it can be disastrous. And the simple truth is that we never know when inclement weather is going to hit.

In February of 2010, for example, a group of unusually intense ice storms rolled across north east Texas. Many offices simply shutdown as workers chose to stay at home rather than brave the icy streets. As a result, the demand for power spiked, and the increased demand for power led to a sharp rise in the cost of electricity. In some cases, the cost of commercial electricity for those few days was as much as ten times higher than normal.

Both hurricane and tornado season are behind us, and with Autumn’s lower temperatures already arriving, the chances of a heat wave in October are slim to none. But that doesn’t mean that the weather can’t throw us a curveball. It most certainly can.

Here at Live Energy, one of our goals is to help our clients develop business electricity strategies that function as a safe-guard against the volatility of the commercial electricity market. Weather is merely one of the factors that can change the cost of power over-night, and when the weather hits hard its impact on electricity rates is certainly felt. Why wait for something dramatic to happen? Why not lock in a secure, low rate now, thereby protecting yourself from the unpredictability of the energy market?

Our team of energy experts has been working with business owners just like you for more than a decade. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right provider, rate and contract for companies of all shapes and sizes. We don’t want to see our clients left out in the cold when bad weather rolls in. Let us save you both time and money by analyzing your commercial electricity needs and helping you develop a business electricity strategy that will strengthen your organization’s bottom line and give you peace of mind.

Call Live Energy today at 888-341-9155. Storms come and go. We’re here to make sure you’re prepared when they strike.


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