Lazy Commercial Energy Shopping

Lazy Commercial Energy Shopping

Photo by Emilian Robert Vicol
Photo by Emilian Robert Vicol

We’ve all had those kinds of days, haven’t we? You’re up and active, somehow you managed to make it into the office, but all you really want to do is find some flat surface (soft if possible, but you’re not in the mood to be picky) and go back to sleep. And if that mood strikes on a Monday, it makes for one torturously long workday!

You’re allowed days like that every once in a while, but, as a general rule, consistent laziness isn’t thought of as a core business strength. Can you remember a single time someone has referred to a coworker as “lazy” and meant it as a compliment? The idea of the American dream is built on the premise that hard work pays off. Laziness, most of us would say, is not the path to success.

But is it wrong to be lazy all the time? Aren’t there some times when it’s good to be lazy?

If you’ve decided to shop for commercial electricity on your own, laziness is not your friend. Comparing electricity rates is a big job, and it requires thorough attention to detail. After all, there’s a lot to think about when selecting a business electricity provider. It’s not just a matter of finding the lowest rate. Energy can be contracted and sold dozens of different ways. You’ll have to investigate each of these options to determine which one fits best with how your business operates. You’ll have to do your homework on each electricity provider you request a quote from. You’ll have to compare those quotes, which can be maddening as there simply isn’t a standard format for presenting commercial electricity rates. And you’ll have to watch the energy market—a market that is, literally, always moving. In order to save money on your business electricity costs, you have to juggle all these variables and move with just the right timing.

There’s not a lot of room for being lazy! But you don’t have to do all that work on your own. In fact, we advise against it.

As a business electricity broker, it’s our job to work with business owners just like you, helping to track down the perfect commercial electricity rate. To help us do that, we have some of the best market-watching technology around, as well as a seasoned team of experts. We have experience working with all kinds of companies—organizations both large and small—all over the country. We know the providers, the different rate structures, the contract options and the pitfalls. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners save money on their energy costs, and we’d like to help you.

In other words, we’re inviting you to be lazy. There’s no reason for you to spend weeks of your own valuable time reinventing the wheel. Let us help you develop a business electricity strategy that will benefit your organization, both now and for years to come.

We’re Live Energy, and we help business owners save time and money on their business electricity. Call us today at 888-341-9155 to find out how we can help you.


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