Obama Delivers on His Promise to Jack up Electricity Rates

Obama Delivers on His Promise to Jack up Electricity Rates

The Obama administration is undoubtedly slapping high fives today. The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized a rule aimed at capping emissions of pollutants from coal-fired power plants.

The rule will impact 27 states across the nation, including Texas which was included late in the rule making process, despite heavy lobbying. The new rule targets emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide that cross state lines. Beginning in 2012 the rules will necessarily impact generators who will be forced to spend billions of dollars to comply with the rules and likely shutter aging plants.

The precise impact is yet to be known but President Obama spoke of his philosophy on energy and he explains why rules such as the one just passed will without a doubt cause electricity rates to skyrocket. There is much debate about the tactics that the administration, in coordination with the EPA, have used to implement their will regardless of the Congress willingness to play ball.

Obama Outlining His Energy Plan in 2008


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