Smitherman Appointed to Texas Railroad Commission

Smitherman Appointed to Texas Railroad Commission

Barry Smitherman, chairman of the Texas Public Utility, has recently been appointed to the Texas Railroad Commission by Gov. Rick Perry.

The three-member RRC is the state’s chief oil and gas regulator.

“Barry’s strong leadership at the Texas Public Utility Commission helped make Texas energy and telecommunications markets stronger and more affordable, and served the best interests of Texas consumers and families,” said Perry.  “Railroad Commissioner Smitherman will continue to push back against the Obama Administration’s misguided energy policies, which threaten Texas jobs and our nation’s energy security. His knowledge of Texas’ energy market and our energy needs is unparalleled, and I’m confident he will continue to serve our state well in his new capacity at the Railroad Commission.”

Smitherman said he would continue to support the Barnett Shale’s natural gas production in his new post. In departing comments at Friday’s PUC meeting, Smitherman said that as a result of “technology and God-given resources, we’re able to access the shale plays and have what looks to be a long-term, if not 100-year or more, supply of natural gas.”

That bountiful supply is “incredibly important,” he said, because it will help keep electricity prices low.

Texas’ electricity retail market has long been pointed to as a successful model of deregulation due to its low rates and ample supply of electricity retailers. Texas’ electricity rates have declined since 2008 corresponding with sharply decreasing prices for natural gas, a fuel used extensively for power generation.

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