So You’re Telling Me You Know Business Electricity?

So You’re Telling Me You Know Business Electricity?

Unless you’re brand new to running a business, you’re already well aware of the time and energy business leaders have to spend just making plans. Making decisions. Plotting a course. It takes a lot of work, a lot of effort and, frankly, a lot of time.

And unless you want to pin all your options to a dart board and let fate decide, there’s no real shortcut. Someone is going to have to invest time in analysis, carefully considering all the options in order to choose the best one for your organization. You can’t sidestep that. It has to be done.

Hold on a second, you think to yourself. Doesn’t the picture right at the top of this post imply the opposite? Aren’t you claiming that Live Energy can somehow save me time and money? But now you’re say there’s no shortcut—the time has to be spent to make a good decision. This doesn’t add up!

It’s true. Someone has to do the analysis. Someone has to explore all the options. Someone has to carefully weight each possible choice. But, that someone doesn’t have to be you.

Leading an organization often requires you to delegate tasks. In the case of choosing a business electricity provider, however, delegating the decision to someone else is, well, a tall order. After all, your commercial electricity contract could save you thousands of dollars a year, if chosen wisely. How can you push that decision off onto someone else?

Here at Live Energy, we tend to agree. The decision is a big one. If you’re running the business, it should be your decision. But that doesn’t mean you have to crunch all the numbers and perform all the analysis on your own.

As a business electricity broker, the service we provide our clients is more akin to consultation than anything else. It’s our job to listen to you as you describe the goals, strengths, limitations, risk management strategies and finances of your company. Then, we take that information and pair it with our years of experience and expertise in the commercial electricity market. We know all the available providers in your state. We are familiar with the different kinds of contracts they offer. We can use what we learn about your business to identify the type of contract that will work best for you in the next 3-5 years.

But we’ll leave the final decision up to you. That’s right—we do all the legwork, analyzing all your business electricity options, and then we hand over all our research to you, explaining what we’ve found in normal, non-jargon-ridden language. The result is that you have the knowledge of true commercial electricity experts at your fingertips as you make the decision.

Or, said another way, you save time and money.

It’s your business. We’re not about to come in and take the decision away from you. However, commercial electricity is our business. We know it, and we know it well. We’d like to partner with you, sharing our knowledge so that you are empowered to make the best decision possible without investing more time or energy into it than you have to give.

We encourage you to find out how easy it can be, just as hundreds of our clients have in the past 10+ years. Call the Live Energy team at 888-341-9155. Our goal is to save you time and money, and we will.


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