What Business Electricity and Politics Have In Common

What Business Electricity and Politics Have In Common

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It’s here. The day you’ve been looking forward to or dreading. Or maybe both. Today is election day, and all across America folks will be heading out to voting booths to make their individual voices heard. They will cast their vote for the candidates they prefer, thereby exercising one of the foundational rights of being a US citizen—choice.

I’m not going to endorse one candidate over the other on this blog. That, quite frankly, is not what this blog is about. I will, however, encourage you to make the time to vote today. Our right to choose who leads us is precious. Don’t miss out on making your choice.

Oddly enough, it’s this aspect of our political process—the right to choose—that bears resemblance to business electricity, of all things. It wasn’t that long ago that you had no choice when it came to your commercial electricity arrangements. There was one company. You may not have even known the company’s formal name, merely calling that company “the electric company”. You didn’t have options. There weren’t different contracts, rates, products and plans. There was only power and the price.

No choice at all.

However, a lot has changed in the world of commercial electricity. While all 50 states are not yet deregulated, a growing number of them are. The major shift when a state undergoes deregulation is the introduction of choice. No longer are you locked into a single option. You can choose the provider that fits your organization. Business electricity becomes an opportunity for you to save money and outpace your competition, if you’re savvy about your strategy. Every dollar you don’t spend on overhead is a dollar that can go toward profits.

And yet, too many business owners fail to understand the importance of this choice. They regard it as an inconvenience. It’s confusing and time consuming to investigate all the options available, and in frustration, many make the decision hastily. What a shame. Your business electricity arrangements could save you thousands, if you know what products and providers to look for.

Admittedly, it’s a lot of information to process. However, you don’t have to process it alone. The energy experts here at Live Energy are ready to tackle the hard work of analyzing your business’s needs and the options available to you. We have worked with hundreds of businesses of all sizes over the course of the last ten years, helping folks just like you find the commercial energy solution that is best for them.

And what’s more, you maintain the all-important right of choice. We provide the analysis and expert-level recommendations, but you decide what you’ll be most comfortable with.

If you’d like to learn more about how Live Energy can work with you to find the best business electricity option for your organization, call us today at 888-341-9155. Choice is a privilege. Let us help you make the best possible choice for your business.


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