Electricity Load Surpasses ERCOT’s Forecast

Electricity Load Surpasses ERCOT’s Forecast

Summer officially starts June 21, but in Texas and most of the South, it seems like summer
has gone on forever. Through today, the last 21 days have been 95 degrees or higher in the
Dallas, Texas area. Hot temperatures and high winds continue to push electricity demands
across the region and the National Weather Service predicts we will continue on into the
season in the same fashion.

Speaking of predictions, it was mentioned a few blogs ago that the Electricity Reliability
Council of Texas assured us all we would have a nice, cushy reserve of power generation
for this season’s highest peak. At the time of the report, ERCOT was forecasting a demand
peak at 63,898 megawatts, 2,000 megawatts less than the peak last summer. ERCOT had
attributed its forecast would be accurate based on sluggish job growth and long-term
average temperature forecasts.

According to ERCOT’s web site, demand forecasted for today is 64,524 megawatts. It seems
as though the National Weather Service’s forecast is more accurate than ERCOT’s. If that’s
the case, we could face a repeat of last February’s blackouts during the searing heat of an
above-average Texas summer.

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