EnergyConnect Closes Deal with West Penn Power

EnergyConnect Closes Deal with West Penn Power

West Penn Power recently awarded EnergyConnect, a provider of smart grid demand
response services and technologies, an exclusive multi-year contract to help meet the peak
demand deduction requirement of Pennsylvania’s Act 129.

“Act 129 creates additional financial incentives for reducing load when it makes the
most sense for customers and the grid,” said Kevin R. Evans, President and CEO of
EnergyConnect. More specifically, the act requires utilities to reduce peak demand for
electricity by 4.5% by May 31, 2013. Utilities can meet these goals by offering electricity
customers a portfolio of energy efficiency and conservation programs.

Under the partnership, West Penn Power’s eligible customers will be able to utilize
EnergyConnect’s GridConnect integrated demand response platform to glean actionable
information and insight to motivate them to participate in demand response more
frequently. The web-based portal will also enable customers to easily view and track Act
129 earnings and electricity bill savings within the same dashboard.

With the deregulation of electricity in Pennsylvania, it is an exciting, but often confusing
time for buying electricity. Using a trusted energy broker can help you take advantage of
the market and make smarter business electricity choices. For more information, contact
Live Energy today at 877-810-7700. One of our certified electricity advisors will help you
figure out your options and lock-in to a rate that makes sense for your business.


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