The Future of Commercial Electricity in Texas

The Future of Commercial Electricity in Texas

For the last several weeks, this blog has featured articles that serve as warnings about the future. Right now, business electricity rates are on the rise, and industry experts agree that they are likely to continue to rise for the immediate future. We urge our readers to lock in a low rate now, while you can, because that’s what we do—we help Texas business electricity customers, like you.

However, looking beyond the immediate future—say, the next 6-12 months—there are some promising things on the horizon in Texas. Even with reports that ERCOT (the Electric Reliability Council of Texas) is concerned that Texas residential and business electricity customers will need more electricity than the state currently produces in the coming years, there is still a can-do, determined attitude in the Lone Star state. It’s what we’re known for, and it’s worth pointing out that it impacts the business electricity market in some promising ways.

Take wind generation, for example. Wind generation is an exciting source of energy. It’s environmentally friendly, it’s practical given the landscape and geography of our state, and, as the Odessa American Texas not only leads the nation in wind production, but is one of the top global producers of wind energy. There are, admittedly, hurdles to overcome where wind energy is concerned. As the Odessa American points out, wind is not always reliable. Quoting Keith Plantier, Instructional Director of Energy Systems at Texas State Technical College, the article states, “It’s (wind energy) not perfect, but it plays its role.”

That is a fair summation.

And the point is simply this: Texans are innovative and proactive. We tackle problems, finding creative, effective solutions. While business electricity rates are on the rise, we’re not merely throwing in the towel and concluding that high prices will be a permanent fixture. There are people hard at work, even today, finding ways to meet Texans’ power needs in the coming years.

Here at Live Energy, we’re proud to be another example of an innovative approach to problem solving. We’ve seen and embraced the power of technology, putting it to work for us so that we can better serve our clients. The result is that we have the ability to watch the business electricity market, staying ahead of the coming trends. When the market dips, as it did several months ago, our clients are among the first to know. And when the market trends back up, as it is now, we use that knowledge to save our clients money, locking in low rates before the cost increases.

We’d like to put our expertise to work for you. It’s no secret that business electricity prices are on the rise. Now is an ideal time to renew or extend your existing contract, taking advantage of today’s low price before the cost goes up tomorrow. And the Live Energy team is here to help. We’re ready to show you how passionate and innovative we can be when it comes to saving you money.

If you’d like to learn more about how Live Energy can help you keep your business electricity rate low even as the market rises, please give us a call at (877) 810-7770.


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